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Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is the use of Social media networks to grow a company/brand’s online presence and increase audience on their website. Social Media Optimization is usually used to increase awareness of a new product/ a brand/ improve the relationships with clients,etc. Social Media Optimization will help you connect with a lot of people on a daily basis and hence increase the list of your potential clients. A well managed social media account can become a great source of...

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is when we optimise search engines to increase the traffic to a website/webpage/social media page, etc. Search Engine Optimization also involves methods to show your websites on the top of the google pages so that you can acquire great results. As searching is one the the most prominent ways people find content online it’s really really important to have a great social media strategy to...

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is when you use a Social Media Platform to promote your brand/product or/and services. Social Media Marketing is slowly becoming more popular among both the researchers and practitioners. Different Social Media Platforms are used in different ways for different clients. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, ...

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Pay Per Click ads

Pay per click is an advertising method used in digital marketing to drive traffic to our websites. In this method the advertiser pays the publisher whenever someone clicks on the ad. Pay Per Click allows you to control your ad by providing you with options to control your budget and ad placements. The leads driven by Pay Per Click are warm. Meaning that the people clicking on your ads are already interested in your...

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a marketing method in which you send a commercial message to a lot of people using email. In this method every email is sent to a potential or current customer. It requires mailing advertisements, donations, products, offers, schemes, discount coupons, etc. Email marketing is very useful when it comes to...

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