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How are E-commerce sites different from normal websites?

A normal website is a collection of content and information. Blogs and other websites where you just wanna give information regarding your brand/business or you wanna show your services/products but don’t want to sell them will be considered as a normal site (Or we can say not E-Commerce Site). Now an E-commerce site is where your intention is to sell products or services on your website. You can display details and information also on an E-commerce site like you do on a normal site but the biggest and the key difference between an E-Commerce and a normal site is if they are selling stuff through their websites or not. Just so you get more clarity sites like are considered as E-Commerce sites and sites like is categorised as a blog or a normal site. 

What kind of businesses can benefit from an E-commerce website?

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Business stores

If you already have a business store meaning you already sell a product. You can benefit exponentionaly from having a good E-Commerce site as you can list all of your products on your website which gives your business a bigger audience to sell your products to. Even if you don’t want to expand globally. A good E-Commerce site can help you increase your sales locally too.

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Provide Services

If you provide services i.e. you sell services instead of a product (A/C repair services, Social Media Optimization are a few examples of services) you can also sell your services online through your website and gain profits. A good website increase your awareness among the community and builds trust with your audience
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If you are a freelancer i.e. you sell a product but you don’t really have a store where you sell it,  an E-commerce website can become your store and will help you expand your business without you worrying about paying rent on a store every month. This is best option for new start-ups and entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of financial funding or don’t have a physical store to sell their products in .

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