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E-Mail Marketing

What is E-Mail Marketing?

Email marketing is a marketing method in which you send a commercial message to a lot of people using email. In this method every email is sent to a potential or current customer. It requires mailing advertisements, donations, products, offers, schemes, discount coupons, etc. Email marketing is very useful when it comes to keeping your customers reminded of your brand and also reminding past clients of your services. When clients see different offers and discounts you are giving they gradually start thinking about buying from you and that’s more than one could ask. Email  Marketing is not as popular as other marketing strategies but it’s just as important and useful as any other strategy.
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Benefits of E-Mail Marketing

Specific Audience

With the help of E-mail Marketing you can be really specific with your audience because when you use E-mail we can decide who receives our mail and who doesn’t. If we have a product which is made for a certain gender it seems like a waste of time, resources and energy if we try to market it to everyone. With E-mail marketing we can avoid that problem and increase our chances of selling multiple folds.

Reminds people of you

If you have someone’s E-mail then they have probably purchased from you or engaged with you in some way. Using E-mail marketing is a great way to remind people of your brand again by sharing some information or discounts and as they have engaged with you before there is a high chance they will interact with you again

Higher chance of conversion

There is a higher chance that a person would purchase from you through E-mail marketing because if they have given you their E-mail they are interested in some way with your brand or are already a customer. It is much easier to convince an existing customer or an already interested person than to someone who isn’t yet aware of your business.

Best for businesses with offline stores

E-mail Marketing is one of the best marketing ways for you if you have an offline store. You can send your existing clients and/ or leads some discount coupons or early access to your products etc. This will remind them of your store and make them consider visiting you again especially if you are offering them some discount coupons. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to offer newsletters and other news about your brand to a selected bunch of audience which have a higher chance of buying your products.
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