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Pay per click ads

What are Pay Per Click Ads?

Pay per click is an advertising method used in digital marketing to drive traffic to our websites. In this method the advertiser pays the publisher whenever someone clicks on the ad. Pay Per Click allows you to control your ad by providing you with options to control your budget and ad placements. The leads driven by Pay Per Click are warm. Meaning that the people clicking on your ads are already interested in your services/products. This could make a huge difference when it comes to driving sales. You often see Pay Per Click ads on your own devices probably every time you search for something. A lot of time and strategies go into building a good Pay Per Click Campaign, like Researching for the right keywords, setting up landing pages that are the best for the communication, using right keywords in the right campaign,etc.

Why Pay-Per-Click ads work

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You can target keywords

With pay-per-click ads you can choose specific keywords you wan to target and run your ads on. This way you can really really make sure that the people seeing your ad are in a way interested in your services as they are searching for that keyword on google.

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Everybody uses a search engine

The potential reach of your services/products is also limitless as almost everybody uses a search engine. Your products can be marketed globally very easily if you want. Isn’t that interesting?

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Really helps with branding

If you want to do some branding of your brand. Even then, Pay-Per-Click ads can help you a lot. You can get a lots of impressions on your ad and can target multiple keywords so that people get familiar with you brand. It is one of the many strategies you can use on PPC Ads.

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