Social Media Marketing (Hero)


Social Media Marketing (Hero) Plan is perfect for businesses who want to expand their customer reach and brand awareness.

Ads Spend – Rs.20,000
(It will be paid to ads platform)
Our Management Fee – Rs. 10,000
Account Management – 3
Creation Of Campaign – 3


Facebook Marketing

Facebook business manager set up

Pixel Installation

Custom Conversion Creation


Custom Audience Creation

Creation of automated rules

Facebook Analytics Report Creation

Ad campaign monitoring

Instant experience ads creation

Customization of Ad Placements

Traffic Monitoring

Monthly Report

Instagram Marketing

Audience Research

Instagram ads and creative creation and design

Instagram ads monitoring and management

LinkedIn Marketing

Campaign Manager Account Set Up

Creation of custom conversion

Ads Monitoring

Monthly Report

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Ad Account Set Up

Skippable In-stream Ads

Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

Bumper Ads

Detailed Audience Creation

Custom Audience Creation

A/B testing or targeting

Remarketing video ads

Monthly report

Twitter Marketing

Tweet engagement

Awareness Ads

Follower Ads

Audience Creation Monthly Report

What you do not get in this plan

Facebook Marketing

Catalogue Creation

Dynamic Ads Creation

A/B Testing Of Ad Set, Creative And Placement

Carousel And Collection Ads

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Insight Tag Installation

YouTube Marketing

Discovery Ads

YouTube Video Sequence Ads

Video Ads With Promotion Of Your Products

Twitter Marketing

Video Or GIF View Ads

Website Conversion Ads

In-stream Video View Ads

App Install Ads

App Re-engagement



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